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Wynonah Dove's latest release, an update on the Kitty Wells classic, a "honky tonk, woman done wrong song", It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels.  Streaming everywhere 16 August 2023!

As a producer, Wynonah Dove relates:  "I admire artists for their ability to take a classic & rev it up, like Dwight Yoakam and Raul Malo from The Mavericks, which inspired me to take a different approach on the production. I put myself in the speakers' shoes, which were (ironically?) a decent fit. Lived experience? Sure. To me, the lyrics really convey the viewpoint of a pissed-off, used-up, woman going through 'the change', bitterly reflecting on relationships with men. Kitty’s original version felt like a woman apologising or meekly justifying herself - rather than "Kitty with her claws out" - correcting the double-standard, misogynistic point of view. This new production feels vindicated, with a certain sense of justice. Or that the woman at least 'had her say' and was 'heard'. And that’s all we really want anyway."

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Wynonah Dove's songwriting weaves in and out of Appalachian folk, Americana and bluegrass traditions, creating tragedies and philosophical tales with a smidge of truth and biographical gossip.  A self-described Appalachian-gypsy, Wynonah traded her home on Virginia's Crooked Road for the perpetual sunshine of Australia in 2014.  This fresh perspective from the other side of the world invited Wynonah to explore both old and new self-penned material that focuses on her roots, deep in the Clinch Mountains of southwestern Virginia.  The album features 8 original tracks both written and co-written by Wynonah Dove. Released 22 February 2022 and streaming on all major platforms.  

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