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School of reiki, mindfulness & intuitive development

An integrative approach to spiritual growth for all paths - supported by a focus on Love, Energy, Vibration & Intuition (L.E.V.I.). Celebrating each Soul’s divine connection to Source as well as each Soul’s spiritual team of Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters who assist in The Journey.  Wynonah Dove honours the uniqueness of each Soul path.

Utilising multiple energetic & spiritual modalities from her "current timeline" of 30 years study & practice, Wynonah Dove seeks to gently assist each client in understanding & manifesting their life’s purpose, recognising the important journey within through mindfulness, meditation, energy & self-healing. Wynonah specialises in holding "sacred space" that assists with self-love, while shifting and release fear-based beliefs that no longer serve.

Reiki: A path to healing

Reiki is a method of harnessing universal energy to enhance spiritual, physical & mental well-being.  Depending on each level, courses may be one to two days in length.  Reiki Courses & Attunements are only offered in person. Distance Reiki healing as a modality is available as well as in person & virtual mentoring sessions.  Access a more detailed description here:  Download PDF


Wynonah Dove is a Reiki Master Teacher offering the following levels of attunement:


  • Reiki I:  Certification & Attunement (First Degree)

  • Reiki II:  Practitioner Certification & Attunement
    (Second Degree)

  • Reiki ART:  Advanced Reiki Training
    (Beginning Mastership Training)

  • Reiki Master/Teacher (Final Degree)

Wynonah Dove also offers workshops, inclusive, community "soul" circles & one-on-one, integrative, spiritual mentoring. Connect to the L.E.V.I. community via the links to the right, and discover the current workshop/course schedule (including Reiki courses) via Eventbrite (bottom link).   Registration for courses & workshops are generally via Eventbrite, but you may also reach out for further registration, booking and payment options via email:

One-on-One Spiritual, Integrative Mentoring:  
Available on a limited basis; please reach out to the email address above for further information.  

Transformative & Motivational Speaking Engagements:  
Wynonah Dove is an experienced speaker welcoming conversations around current opportunities/events. Please reach out for details & past speaking references/topics.

Spiritual Practitioners:  
Wynonah has a wide network of professionals (aka Soul tribe) in both the US & Australia - some of whom work either in person, virtually or both.  If you would like a 
referral or help finding someone for a specific aspect of your journey, please reach out.  Wynonah is honoured to connect you with beautiful Starseeds & Earth Angels currently on assignment on Gaia during these spectacular, planetary collective shifts (including Plant & Animal Medicine Practitioners). 



I had the honor of being in the inaugural classes for Reiki I and Reiki II by my dear friend Wynonah. Her knowledge, committment, and delivery were spot on. I strongly urge any inspired to do so to be a part of LEVI. It is transformative.
(Reiki I, II & Intuitive Development - USA)


My experience with Wynonah has been nothing short of amazing. Her energy while teaching means I’m never bored or losing focus and I constantly have a smile on my face.  Her knowledge of Reiki, Intuitive Development and her understanding of the spiritual realm makes her a one of a kind educator who ensures everyone in the class is on the same page before progressing. The people I met while studying with Wynonah at L.E.V.I are some of the most beautiful souls I have met and we are continuing our spiritual growth in support of each other even after our training has concluded. I can not recommend L.E.V.I and Wynonah highly enough. Through these teachings I have gained a lot more self confidence and empowerment and I am able to help others to heal which is a dream come true in itself! I am now in the process of turning my passion for healing into my new career and I couldn’t have even considered this was possible without Wynonah. Thank you a thousand times over!!!!!

(Reiki I & II - Australia)


I attended Dove's USA course. She was energized, open, and extremely informative. My own spiritual journey has certainly been enhanced. I've always been somewhat able to work with energy, but after her class I was working some reiki on a friend's old knee injury that was really bothering him. I've always been able to help a little. His reaction this time was pure suprise, "Wow! Somebody has been practicing!" 
(Reiki I, II & Intuitive Development - USA)


The day spent with Wynonah was a great experience. Not only is she a wonderful teacher and facilitator of the coursework but did an awesome job connecting all of the group. I have applied many things discussed and learned on the day in my life since and it has opened up other avenues for spiritual exploration. Wynonah‘s enthusiasm is only surpassed by her extensive knowledge of healing and spirituality perfect for any newcomer or advanced student on the path. The group has largely stayed in contact and the ongoing support of each other has been invaluable. You will only be enlightened by the whole experience. 
(Reiki I - Australia)

alexis r.

I participated in Wynonah's Reiki courses and it has changed my life for the better!  She is so knowledgeable! Being around her is inspiring; she has such a wonderful energy and takes the time to explain and bring your vibrations to a level that is just wonderful.  Taking one of her courses will change your life for the better.  Her positive energy just radiates.  I have had so many positive things happen within myself since doing her course.  Whenever I am around her I feel spiritually free. Her love and acceptance will make you feel like you can do anything. This is one of the best things I've ever done for myself
(Reiki I & II - Australia)

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 +61 451 020 645

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